43 AD Rome Scribonius Largus' formulary provides the first definition of opium
60 Greece Dioscorides' drug treatise written
618 - 907   China First instances of porcelain manufacturing
700 Baghdad First mentions of privately owned, governmentally supervised, stores preparing and dealing in drugs
1295 Italy Dante enrolls in the Guild of Physicians and Apothecaries
1400 Italy Albarello (an earthenware jar designed to hold apothecaries' ointments and dry drugs) production begins
1500 Europe Pharmacies found in most towns and cities throughout Europe
1643 Belgium First European mention of cinchona (bark from a South America plant used to treat malaria)
1682 Germany    Johann Friedrich Böttger, a former apothecary clerk,reintroduced porcelain to Europe. Porcelain apothecary jars followed.
1777 USA Andrew Craigie (Boston apothecary) appointed the first American Apothecary General
1820 USA United States Pharmacopoeia first published (usingapothecaries' system for weight)
1850 USA Soda fountains began to appear as focal points of pharmacies
1856 USA First sugar-coated pills produced in the United States (Philadelphia)
1971 USA Apothecaries' system replaced by metric system in the US Pharmacopoeia