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"Baby Camp" cottage on grounds of Parkland Hospital on Maple Avenue

In 1913, public health nurse Mary Forster Smith set up the summer "Dallas Graduate Nurses Baby Camp" to care for sick infants from poor families. The "Baby Camp" consisted of four tents on the shady grounds of Parkland Hospital. This was the first…

"Hess Bed" incubators at Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies

At Bradford Memorial Hospital, "Hess Beds" for premature and sickly infants replaced the improvised incubators (warmed by heated bricks) used at "Baby Camp." Named for their inventor, Dr. Julius H. Hess, these beds circulated hot water between inner…

Advertisement for "The New Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Texas"

This advertisement for Parkland Hospital was published in the Texas Health Journal in December, 1894. Parkland advertised in order to fill its private wards with paying patients, who were charged $7 to $12 per week for the room, nurse, meals, and…

Advertisement for Benjamin Bluitt's Sanitarium

Dr. Benjamin Bluitt was the first African-American surgeon in Texas and one of the first African-Americans to practice medicine in Dallas. In 1907, he advertised his sanitarium--which had opened in 1905-- in the Dallas City Directory. (Doctor-owned…


This jar is decorated with poppy flowers. The flower depicted here is more likely the Flanders or corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas) and not the true poppy (Papaver somniferum) used for opium production.

Basilicum (Basil)

Basilicum was used as both an ointment and as powder in dressing, digesting, cleansing, and incarning wounds and ulcers.

Baylor University College of Medicine, interior scenes

This group of photos showing the interior of the Baylor College of Medicine building appeared in the College's 1903-04 "Annual Announcement". From top to bottom, the rooms portrayed are labeled as College Operating Room, Operating Room, and Chemical…

Baylor University Hospital, Truett Building

In 1950, Baylor University Hospital opened the new Truett Building, which featured the luxuries of air conditioning and telephones in all patient rooms. With this building, Baylor became the fifth largest general hospital in the United States. The…

Bowl of Hygeia

This particular detail may originate from the 'bowl of Hygeia', a bowl with a snake, which is sometimes used as an international symbol of pharmacy. In this detail, which is less than an inch in diameter, the 'handles' of the bowl appear to have…

Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies

The Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies--which grew out of the Dallas “Baby Camp” that started on the Parkland Hospital grounds--opened in 1930 in a Mediterranean style building at the corner of Maple Avenue and Turtle Creek Blvd. In 1948,…