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Operating room at Methodist Hospital of Dallas

A nurse and student nurse (in black stockings) stand in an operating room at Methodist Hospital of Dallas. Methodist Hospital had a nursing school, as did St. Paul, Parkland, and Baylor hospitals in Dallas.

Parkland Memorial Hospital on Harry Hines Blvd., Burn Unit

In 1962, Parkland Memorial Hospital created one of the largest adult civilian burn units in the country by setting aside 16 beds with their own nursing station. Pioneering burn therapies developed at Parkland have been adopted throughout the United…

St. Paul Hospital on Bryan Street, first African-American physicians admitted to practice

In 1954, St. Paul Hospital became the first in Dallas to admit African-American physicians to practice. The five physicians admitted were Dr. Lee G. Pinkston (seated), Dr. Frank H. Jordan, Dr. Joseph R. Williams, Dr. William K. Flowers, and Dr.…

Presbyterian Hospital

In 1966, Presbyterian Hospital completed this new 350-bed building on Walnut Hill Lane in north Dallas, an area which was then on the outskirts of the city.

Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children

Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children opened in Dallas in 1921 in this building near the corner of Oak Lawn and Maple Avenues. A founder and the chief of surgery was Dr. Willam Beal Carrell, the first orthopedic surgeon in Dallas, who had…

Baylor University College of Medicine, interior scenes

This group of photos showing the interior of the Baylor College of Medicine building appeared in the College's 1903-04 "Annual Announcement". From top to bottom, the rooms portrayed are labeled as College Operating Room, Operating Room, and Chemical…

Parkland Hospital on Maple Avenue Nurses' Home, dining room with students nurses lined up for lunch

Parkland Hospital opened a School of Nursing in 1914. Hospital-based nursing schools were common in this era, and students served as ward nurses in their respective hospitals. In 1921, a home for the nurses and student nurses was opened adjacent to…

St. Paul Sanitarium Free Clinic staff and patients

St. Paul Sanitarium established a Free Clinic--the first in Dallas--in 1906. This 1924 photo was posed with doctors, nurses and patients (or perhaps models posing as patients) to illustrate the care given in the Free Clinic. By the late 1930s the…

Advertisement for "The New Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Texas"

This advertisement for Parkland Hospital was published in the Texas Health Journal in December, 1894. Parkland advertised in order to fill its private wards with paying patients, who were charged $7 to $12 per week for the room, nurse, meals, and…

St. Paul Sanitarium on Hall Street

St. Paul Sanitarium (renamed St. Paul Hospital in 1927) first opened in 1896 in this small wooden building on Hall Street that was both hospital and home to the Daughters of Charity nursing sisters. It was the first private, not-for-profit hospital…