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Images in the Medical Milestones web exhibit were selected based upon historical and/or visual interest. In some cases, damaged photographs, published copies, or photocopies have been digitized when other options were not available, or the original items no longer existed. These digitized items largely reflect the present condition of their physical counterparts. Scratches, dust, or other markings have not been digitally altered or corrected.


Where dimensions are noted, these are in centimeters. They indicate the entire surface of the physical item, such as a page from a scrapbook, or borders of a photograph. The digital dimensions may differ. In many cases, these extra areas are not visible in the images that are available in the web exhibit and repository.


MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) are used for subject headings within the web exhibit and companion repository.


Unless otherwise noted, the images in the digital collection and web exhibit are from the Archives and History of Medicine collections in the UT Southwestern Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center. Items within the Dallas Medical Images, 1890 - 1975 digital collection and the Medical Milestones in Dallas, 1890 - 1975 web exhibit are provided for non-commercial, personal, or research use.
For these purposes, you may reproduce (print, photocopy, or download) materials without prior permission. Unless another source for the item is noted, please credit Library, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as the source. 
Unless otherwise noted, for commercial or scholarly reproductions or publication, please contact the Library in advance for permission and terms of use.
Anyone wishing to publish or reproduce materials from this collection or exhibit must assume all responsibility for identifying and satisfying any copyright claims.


We welcome comments, questions, or added information about items in the exhibit and repository. Please contact the Library at archives@utsouthwestern.edu or by phone at 214-648-7675.