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Parkland Hospital on Maple Avenue Nurses' Home, dining room with students nurses lined up for lunch

Parkland Hospital opened a School of Nursing in 1914. Hospital-based nursing schools were common in this era, and students served as ward nurses in their respective hospitals. In 1921, a home for the nurses and student nurses was opened adjacent to…

St. Paul Sanitarium Free Clinic staff and patients

St. Paul Sanitarium established a Free Clinic--the first in Dallas--in 1906. This 1924 photo was posed with doctors, nurses and patients (or perhaps models posing as patients) to illustrate the care given in the Free Clinic. By the late 1930s the…

Advertisement for "The New Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Texas"

This advertisement for Parkland Hospital was published in the Texas Health Journal in December, 1894. Parkland advertised in order to fill its private wards with paying patients, who were charged $7 to $12 per week for the room, nurse, meals, and…

St. Paul Sanitarium on Hall Street

St. Paul Sanitarium (renamed St. Paul Hospital in 1927) first opened in 1896 in this small wooden building on Hall Street that was both hospital and home to the Daughters of Charity nursing sisters. It was the first private, not-for-profit hospital…

St. Paul Sanitarium on Bryan Street, front view, street in foreground

A new, 110-bed St. Paul Sanitarium opened on Bryan Street in 1898. It was state-of-the-art for its day, with elevators, electric and gas lights, electric call bells, radiators and fireplaces for heating, and bathrooms with hot and cold running water.…

St. Paul Sanitarium on Bryan Street, patient ward

A patient ward in the St. Paul Sanitarium. The fee for ward beds was $1 to $1.50 per day, including "medicine and medical attention." Private rooms were $12 to $35 per week.

University of Dallas Medical Department on Main Street

In 1900, the University of Dallas Medical Department opened at 314 Main Street with a faculty of 25, in a building which had formerly housed a synagogue. The name was somewhat misleading, since the Medical Department was the entire University. The…

Good Samaritan Hospital

In 1901, Dr. Charles M. Rosser opened the 14-room Good Samaritan Hospital in a large home on Junius Street, in part to provide University of Dallas Medical Department students a place to receive clinical training. In 1903, the hospital was taken over…

University of Dallas Medical Department, first graduating class

The first graduating class of the University of Dallas Medical Department is gathered in front of the school for a group portrait. Dr. Charles M. Rosser, dean of the school, is in the front row, far left. Also in the front row are the school's…

University of Dallas Medical Department on Ervay Street

After the destruction of its building on Main Street by fire in 1902, the University of Dallas Medical Department purchased this building at 435-437 South Ervay Street in 1902. In 1903, the Medical Department was merged into Baylor University and…